Thankful For...

I have to say that this year I have been very abundantly Thankful. Even without the reminder of this thankful time of year itself and the upcoming holiday. Its been a full year of  blessings and great moments that I will not forget.  I am very appreciative of all of them including people, places, events, experiences and so many things out of the ordinary. In one word "Blessed" is a good way to sum it up.

Just like this picture we often see things the other way round. Not so good. Negative. Its more natural, it seems, to see whats not going right and the problems we face daily.  In my educational groups each night at work I often try to help people take a look at more of the positive. What was the most productive part of your day?  What was your favorite part of the weekend? What are you thankful for? Its good to think of the things that make life more manageable and something to look forward to. There is too much negative fed to us daily that can be overwhelming. Its a new change of perspective. So what's your Thankful list include?

Here's my list....  I tried to keep it short but it kept coming. 

-I'm thankful I have two great sons who both continue to shine and amaze me
-Thankful for travel time I've had this year literally from coast to coast by train, plane, bike, ferry         with family and loved ones.
-Thankful my girlfriend and I after 4 years were able to get engaged
-Thankful my son Corey has been blessed with a great Godly girl, Cathryn who are now engaged
-Thankful for my job and career and opportunities to excel doing what I have a passion for and helping people in need in my community.
-Thankful for new opportunities I have prayed over and been blessed with
-Thankful to be on a great worship team using my gift for almost a year now
-Thankful for almost 3 weeks of time with and new experiences with my parents
-Thankful for another year with a great woman in my life who is my support and best friend
-Thankful for a lot of one on one time with my youngest son Ethan including late nite rendezvous, vacation times, adventure and talks.
-Thankful that I can look just at the past few years and see how far Ive come in my life and how I have been blessed. 

Its good to be thankful and not just a day or week a year but everyday. A grateful lifestyle is a good foundation for happier more satisfied you and greatly effects the world and people around you.
Even if it is complicated at first for whatever reason. Think about it. What was the best part of your day? Your year? Whats been something that puts a smile on your face or a boost daily. There's always something to be thankful for,  even in the midst of the worst hardships. Its a matter of perspective.

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