Car problems seem to always be a constant issue for everyone no matter what kind of  vehicle you have. I'm sure you can relate as most likely you at one time or another have dealt with car problems at one time or another yourself.  I personally always feel I have a curse of car problems as Ive been through more vehicles and vehicle problems over the past few years than I've ever wanted or needed. After my rough patch of "Car crisis situations" in the past few years, I actually tried to step up my "car management" skills and worked hard on taking great care of my new vehicle. I have a Toyota and have loved it. Its gotten me where I need to go. No problems. Until a couple weeks ago....

      Supposedly I "hit a rock" on the highway or something big enough to damage the radiator causing the coolant to leak out and when the temp gauged started going up and down I realized there was a problem, stopped and got a tow. Needless to say it caused engine problems  . Really? A freak accident.  My immediate attention did not seem to pay off. Go figure. Now I have a several thousand $ problem on a car I still own on. Good times, good times.

     I'm grateful for my car. I actually pray a lot while driving and thank God for many different things including my car quite regularly. I do the maintenance and vehicle care and make effort to take care of it. I feel blessed to have transportation. Right now I'm even more grateful for vehicles after biking to work daily and bumming rides when needed.  (As the saying goes..You don't really know how good you have it until its gone.)  Having any means of transportation is a good thing. Being able to transport yourself in any way is a great convenience. Amazingly I still find myself grateful for my transportation even though it presently sits in a lot waiting to be repaired.

     I've felt a little anxious, stressed and lost in this situation. Ive biked alot , busted a tire and walked. I have not enjoyed the change , however I  have realized one thing. This scenario has helped me , yet again, to step up my praying and trusting in God's good nature. That's a very, very  good thing. Ive prayed over it continually and have been searching on my own and leaning on God to send some options, resources or a simple miracle my way. This massive expense and set back has really changed a lot in a short time.  Regardless of the heartache not having a car has caused, I've recently found myself being "Transported" to a new place in my faith and trust and maybe yes maybe even a bit deeper with God. I've used this time to focus on just that.  Everyday it keeps me from the crazy bitter attitude or negativity that could replace all that.

      My deal is I always try to find as much positive as I can in every bit of madness. So presently I have no car but.... I'm getting more exercise I've wanted, I've had more time to pray, I'm learning to trust and yes, more patience. For that I am grateful.

(P.S.  Dear God, please don't read this message full of gratefulness in my time of no transportation and figure I need another few weeks of being carless, biking to work  and waiting. I'm good. Bring on the answered prayer.)