Snowboarding Season

Snowboarding Season!

So I just completed the second year of our Snowbaording Group at Snowbowl with SOS, Club 412 and some of my fellow employees at AZCA. This year I co-led our group with Maggie from the Club as we both helped out last year. This year we doubled our total to 18 youth. It was an awesome year!!

Everyone did awesome (and I actually only fell a couple times believe it or not).

On the last day Corey B and I went up to the top and did the black diamond through which turned out to be a complete white out snow storm at the top of the mountain. We came all the way down without being able to see more than a few feet in front of us. Definitely one of the most crazy things I have ever experienced.

Hoping our team of youth next year will continue to grow. It was great to see how well this years program went.