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Frosty the Snowball
We got over 7 inches here of snow on the west side of the state. Ethan went out the other day and managed to make his own "snow man". We are not sure how he rolled this by himself but he was pretty proud of it.
Ethan the Entertainer
Last Sunday was the Christmas program for the kids. Ethan during the last song got into a pushing match with the older kid standing next to him. They were singing and the whole time pushing each other harder as they both stood dead center in the front row. The congregation was cracking up. Finally came the last dramatic note and they still were having fun at their new game. While both of them still were laughing Ethan got the final shove and the older kid went tumbling to the floor. Then there was a moment of silence as the song ended and all you could hear was Ethan and his goofy laugh as the congregatation began to applause at the end of the song. The perfect Christmas Hallmark moment and a sure sign that he is definitely my kid.


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Concert in Dearborn
Thank you everyone who came out for the concert. It was a great night to visit and share in music. We had a whirlwhind trip over that direction with stops in Jackson, Livonia, Dearborn, Canton and then up to Grand Rapids and it was great to see so many old friends and family along the way. Christmas is here and we are getting ready for the holidays as I know all of you are too. We got another 4 inches or so of snow here and have been out enjoying that. HOpe you all have a great Holiday season and stay tuned for more news coming your way in the new year!


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Christmas is 3 weeks away
Another great weekend bringing in the Christmas holiday. Friday night we attended a Christmas parade downtown which included Santa an Mrs Clause, caroling, and very miserably cold weather. I got the chance to meet up there with several old friends and my vocal and choir teacher from high school Carol McKean pictured above. Sunday night we spent at a Christmas choir concert with groups from all area churches in which Kathy sang at. And to top it off we got the tree up and several dozen feet of lights on the house.
Worship Nite
Tonite I had the privelege to lead the worship at the Masters Men retreat for the Michiana area. It was a great evening of praise and spiritual growth. Thanks again for the opportunity to share in song!


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Thanksgiving and things to be thankful for.
We had a great Thanksgiving here. Kathys family came to our house and we had a dinner for all 15 of us around the table. This picture is one of all the kids and grandma. We also had about 5 inches of snow and the kids went sledding and attempted making a snowman. As always it was great to hang with family for the holiday.
Teen Worship Celebration & The New "Daytime Gig"
This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to share in worship in teen celebration at the Church. Thanks guys for inviting me and for the worshipful evening! I have a full month here in December with about a concert a week and am keeping busy with many other "gigs" if you will including substitute teaching. Yes thats right Substitute teaching. Picture this. Kevin, math class and 25 jr highers. Ok the entertainment is over. I also have had a couple interviews on the phone for worship positions and we are excited about that.


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There it went
This month has just flown by. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In the past couple weeks we have had the opportunity to hook up for lunch here with an old friend Jean Miller from Trenton who was in the area. We also got to visit with Alisa Walterich who was up at college while we were in the Grand Rapids area visiting the inlaws. Corey had his first piano recital, Ethan learned how to play football and I snuck into the oval office for a picture. (ok, not really but it looks alot like it!, just a replica at a museum in GR) God continues to bless us here and we still are in prayer for the answers to the questions of what is next for us. There are concerts being scheduled for the month of December soon so visit the website here shortly to see more about that


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Weekend Adventures
We all here spent the weekend with some friends from the east side of the state. It was great to have them here and hang out again. Spent Saturday with Mark Dufour who came over earlier. We had some intense ping pong championships and took a trip out to Lake Michigan to go see the dunes and do some hiking. Great fall day at the lake. Not a good day for a bathing suit. Quite a site to see Corey sledding down a dune on a saucer sled. Next time I'll bring the sun tan lotion or maybe an extra coat.
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A nite of Worship in Jackson, Michigan
It was great to get back over to Jackson and worship with some old friends there. Thanks Todd and the youth of First Church of Christ for the great evening! I can tell you guys love to really Jam for Jesus! Thanks Bobby & Jimmy T for using your talents again to help me lead in music. We are looking forward to doing more concerts and worship events that are being scheduled for the upcoming months. We are also very excited about our opportunity in Cincinnati that was cancelled but moved to the first of December. Great to see you all and keep worshipping God with your life!


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Its Halloween weekend and the kids were out on the town in their Superhero outfits. Just a quick picture of them here at a Halloween party.


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One Week Later
It's amazing how time flies. I was just reading on this blog from things I put in here almost two years ago. Speaking of time flying its already been a week that we have been here and we are just beginning to figure everything out and get situated. I set up a small studio in the basement pictured above and have been using alot of my time working on some new songs and working with some people in the music biz in Nashville and out west on doing some song writing. Its been nice to have that time again to focus on something I have a passion for. I have been reading through Phillipians as I was led to read it through a sermon a few weeks ago. I found a key verse that has been on our minds alot lately here... It says " Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 Santus Real has a song I love called After Today that goes right along with this. One line of it says... God has got a plan, understanding isn't my place. God has a plan and all we can do is pray and wait. Thank you everyone for calling and emailing. Its been great to talk to so many people still on a daily basis. Thanks for calling and for praying. You guys Rock! Kathy says Hi to everyone!!!


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Ready or not, here we come!
Well the big question right now seems to be where has the Earnst family moved to? Well the answer is.... drum role please.... the family and I have packed up our belongings and moved to the west side of the state. We are in Buchanan, MI my home town, and are staying in a four bedroom home just a block away from my old high school. We were graciously given the home to stay at temporarily as we are awaiting our next ministry opportunity. We thank the church family at Buchanan for their support and those from east Michigan who have been supporting us all this whole time. Even though Septepmber and October have been strange months God keeps suprisint us with amazing things.
How is the family?
They are doing great. Corey is presently being home schooled. Ethan is in a local Preschool and Kathy has gotten involved in the local church as well as hooked up with some old friends.
As for me I have continued my worship ministry search and have been organizing my personal mess. At our present location I have been able to set up a small music studio and am working on new music which Im excited about. We are also adding a cat to the family soon, scarey but true. We had lost Scooter the hamster who bailed on us somewhere after the move but showed back up in the basement 4 days later. (That thing scared the heck out of me!) Now all is well.
So Whats next?
I have applied at ministry positions locally and at different locations around the country and have heard back from several. We hope to know soon. Whatever the case I will still be doing my independent music ministry and have been scheduled to do concerts and worship events during the next couple months. I am also presently working on some other projects that i have had on hold for a long time. We thank the many friends across the country who have prayed for us in the past month and have given us leads on ministry opportunities. Its very clear God has something Bigger and Better in store for us in the weeks to come!!!


April News
Its back to the drawing board as I am working on new songs and new material for recording and publishing. I'm also excited about this next months CCM Magazine. (May) Check out the indie section. There will be a brief ad in there and pic promoting the Overflow CD. Amazing things going on as we have experienced miracles left and right at our church where our attendenace has doubled in the past few months. (1400 last week) At the same time this has slowed down my present availablilty to schedule more concerts and events. Thanks for your prayers and continue praying as both of these music ministries continue to grow.


Thank You
J2 Entertainment has just done a huge mailing/promotion for bookings in 2004. I'm looking forward to coming your way and doing some music. As you can see the summer is already booking up. Thank you for all your constant prayers and support.


Radio Play
TIme is flying and its 2004! I wanted to say thanks to my friends in down in Peru who have over the past 6-8 months been enjoying the song "Heaven Help Me" and "Waiting". Both have been up in the top ten cateogories on the station there and have been played for several weeks now.