Top Thrill Dragster
Yes thats right. I rode the Dragster. The ride well known for being contantly closed down this summer for technical problems was running and after a 45 minute wait I took the ride. This is the fastest, largest rollercoaster in the world. Amazing stuff. There is nothing like being thrown from 0-121 MPH in less than 4 seconds, racing over 400 feet above the ground and then straight down again. An unbelievable ride that cost $25 million to make. Being that it boils down to almost a 25 second ride it makes for a whopping million dollar a second entertainment! So why am I telling you all this? Well while I was inline I noticed everyone coming back when the ride was over sitting there on the ride with hair standing straight up, eyes popping out and jaws dropped. They were floored and amazed. Definitely worth the wait and something you would never forget. Thats what made me think. Although this is cool this is all temporary. Whats going to be more amazing than the top flight dragster is the day we get to ride into the sky at the second coming. We wont be coming down after 400 some feet and we wont have to pay $40 to get into the park to ride it. From earth to heaven, most likely in the blink of an eye and I guarantee all jaws will be dropping and eyeballs will be popping when it all happens. That will definitely be worth the wait.


Prison Ministry
Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a musical performance on the Prison Fellowship Ministries Campaign at a prison in Brighton, MI. I spent about half an hour sharing music from my CD Overflow with what we referred to as a “captive” audience. No pun intended. What I noticed in that short time there was that ministering to people in that setting is a gold mine of opportunities. The inmates were inspired and moved by all the music presented to them and also by the testimony given by a former inmate. God worked in amazing ways. Several of them found Jesus for the first time. Every single one of them sat there with open minds and open hearts and you could tell the holy spirit was moving. I started thinking how great it would be if we here in the “free world” could be that open, that broken to soak up the message whether in song or words and be changed. Do we always have to be at rock bottom to look up? Do we come to worship on Sundays ready to be filled with God and overflow with praise or is it simply routine? For those hundreds of inmates at Brighton this event was not a routine but an evening that they anticipated for months and a moment where they saw God and will never be the same. Is worshipping God and hearing his message routine for you or are you excited about knowing Him better and getting your life straightened out? Something to think about..........


I am Still Alive
For the past few months I have been out on the road travelling but not doing the music scene. I have had the privelege of spending time with my family and youth at the church travelling to places I've never been before and visiting old friends. LA, San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, Niagra falls, Adirondack Mountains of New York, Cedar Point in Ohio, Missouri, East Tennessee and several other places. I have had an awesome time exploring God's creation and spending time with friends and family. I hope to get some pictures up on here soon to view. I have been home for 3 weeks this summer and things are slowly coming to a halt on the travelling for the time being. For now you can find them at ofoto.com I hope everyone has had a great summer as well!