Love this Ap from CCC in Vegas!

So a while ago I discovered a sweet new app for my phone. No its not Angry Birds. Its not even a game. Its the app for Central Christian Church.(one of the top three largest Christian Churches in the US and located just outside of Las Vegas). I thought Id share it as its been pretty awesome and a great way to get in on the messages at an awesome church. Thats the best part about it. All weekly messages are on it in video and audio form so I plug it in my system at home when im working out or my car while driving around and listen. This isnt a new thing as there are several churches that have this feature now days and I love it. I appreciate the work of Central and have met Pastor Jud before. I actually follow him via tweet as well and today just saw this link to his blog. I dont normally forward on other peoples blog links but I loved what he wrote about here. A very cool story about two of my favorite actors and a concept that really hits home. Check it out!


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Spring Break 2012

For me it was a typical work week. For my boys and Flag schools here this past week was spring break. The whole week was amazing weather wise with blue skies, sunny, warm and in the 60s.Today just when we thought spring break was coming to an end they have declared a snow day tomorrow ,Monday, the  first day back after getting a foot last night and possibly up to another foot here tonite. I remember spring break as a kid. I dont remember ever goin on any amazing trips but it was always great to get out and of course not be in school. Call me crazy but I think spring break should be part of the official schedule for adults too. Anyone out there agree? Cool thing is over break I did a lot of great stuff. Took an incredible bike ride in our awesome ponderosa pine forest here, hiked down in Sedona through the red rocks and also had a great day on the peaks snowboarding. I am ready for spring. Bring on the warm weather!

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Snowboarding pics