Off Pitch Reminder

I had another awesome worship time at Northpoint again today. My friend Bryan led and every song was perfect. As I was singing however I noticed something was really off. It didnt take long to figure out that it was the guy in front of me, singing out as loud as he could but I think he was singing in a different key. Or maybe his own key. Whatever the case he was definitely off pitch. I can't say I regularly hear alot of people in Church singing that far off but he had it going on. That might have been why the lady next to him moved over a bit. The best part was he was really singing and you could tell he was meaning every word and singing from the heart. All he wanted to do was worship from his heart.

This reminded me of something I again needed to be reminded of. God through his grace looks past our imperfections. No matter how many times you have messed up in your life or even today, no matter what is going on or if you can't sing anywhere near the note. God only wants us to worship Him in all we do with all our hearts so we can grow closer to Him. Its hard to remember and definitely hard to do. I willingly admit that and confess I am not and have not always beenthe perfect "Worshipper" or even close. But I do know as I was reminded through this guys feeble attempt at singing this morning that when we do worship God, He restores, heals, redirects and has promised us hope. Everyone needs to know that. This is something I've been holding on to in my life for quite some time now and I will not ever give up on my personal worship during the week or corporate worship on the weekend. Im grateful for a God who saves and purifies as Pastor Paul has been sharing and glad He makes me new through my worship everyday.

This is one of the songs we did today by Tenth Avenue North called "Hallelujah"
I love this band and love these lyrics.
Click this link here to listen to the song

I'm falling to my knees, I feel the earth beneath
With the weight of my sin and this crushing unbelief
How could You really love me with all that I've done? O lord

I hide my face in the shadow of Your wings oh Lord
Hide my sin from the beauty here before Your throne, Your throne

Hallelujah for the blood of the lamb that was slain
Hallelujah for the blood of the Lamb that was slain
And so we enter in to see Your Face, We enter in to see Your face Oh God

Good stuff. Amazing how simple and weird things can be awesome reminders we really need to hear huh?