Random thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas
The boys and I were in San Diego for Thanksgiving and spent a couple days at the beach. 70 degree weather and a great time... only to come back to Flagstaff a day later and see the first snowfall here. It was about two inches and so we went out for a snowball fight. Beach one day, snowball fights the next.. hard to believe. Believe it or not its December already as you can tell by the freezing chill in the air and the snow that is still around a week later.

My neighbor across the street seems to have decorated every square foot of his house. The boys and I went out and strung up our icycle lights as well as decorated all the pine trees out front. Check out these pics......

Just to let you know if you havent watched The Christmas carol movie this season on the big screen done by Disney you have to go see this. I saw it in San Diego in 3D and then here back in Flag. I absolutely loved this version. Very creative, mysterious and by the end of the movie I thought I was going to be a changed man too. Jim Carey actually did an amazing job and still stuck to the story. The expressions and dynamics of this movie really pull you in and make you think you have heard the story for the first time!! Make sure you see it. Just know that if you have kids its a bit scarey. The commercials make it to be very comical but it is actually kind of creepy and believe it or not I got the chills a few times watching it. (theres nothing like a creepy Christmas movie!)

If you want funny you just need to re-watch the Christmas vacation movie. I watched that again the other night after several years and laughed hysterically.

What I really have been enjoying this season is new Christmas music. I have always been a Jim Brickman fan and have been listening to his Christmas tunes on the piano cd for weeks. Very amazing stuff. New Christmas music out there tho that I absolutely love is Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest and the Sting Chritmas CD- available at Starbucks .
The choir did some awesomeo work last weekend with some Christmas songs that I still have running through my head. I will be posting those on youtube soon. But my all time fav so far is
Corey and I my arrangement of the great Christmas song "One Small Child". We wrote a modern acoustic version of it and will be debuting it on Christmas Eve for all four services. That version will also will soon be available on Youtube.com .
Its crazy that Christmas is actually a week away and I am learning new songs even as I type for our services. Im very excited about this weekend and Christmas eve! Hope to see you all there!!