Memories of 308 Moccasin- My Grandparents and mothers old Home

     I got the chance when in Buchanan last summer to visit my grandparents old home from many years ago. This was my "second home" growing up while in my home town. Lots of memories  and moments that I still think of often happened here. Especially this time of year during the holidays as I remember great Thanksgiving dinners with the family and Christmas events with alot of people passing through. The basement where we all ate and played and my grandfather and I built and worked on projects from wood as he was a great carpenter. ( My bed stand we built together when I was just in high school). 
     The whole house is full of memories all the way through my college years. Even the window in the front that I never could see through as a kid. I had to capture the moment of this place and post it as I hadnt been there in several years... maybe about 15-20. But I still remember it all as it was yesterday. 
     On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for family but also for this home and my grandparents who were family people and always celebrating that every holiday and all year round. Im grateul for this family history and the family history we make still everyday. 

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