The Cross Changes Everything

This cross to me represents hope. Its made of tiny pieces of shredded paper that was once in the form of a note. A suicide note to two very young kids from a mother struggling with addiction, pain, worthlessness, confusion, and no desire to deal with life anymore. Luckily she found her way to Bridges and I got the privilege to meet her and work with her. We talked about how the voices she heard were not true and she has a purpose and value and worth more than she knew. Her simply being there was the first step in dealing with the changes she needed to make to find the clarity and peace she was looking for. Something had intervened in her darkest hour and gave her another chance. Every day she is learning more about self worth, finding more hope and starting a new life. She decided to read through this letter as a reminder of how far shes come and we ripped it up to be thrown out as she is moving on. Another example of a messed up life taking on new meaning and change. This is why I enjoy doing what I do. #newdirections #thecrosschangeseverything #hope


My mission and daily adventure.

Im Grateful that everyday as a job I get to attempt helping people make major changes in their lives and help make a difference in the world around me. Its about second chances and new hope and fighting off the personal demons that we all struggle with. Its about connecting them to a God who takes our mess and makes into something beautiful. It starts with building relationships and leading the way to change. Thats my mission everyday at The Bridges Network. 

Get there. Stay there. Welcome home.