Gods Timing: Worry vs worship

      This past month for me has been a journey of trust. Trusting God will lead and take me to where I need to be and knowing it will all work out even if its not how I thought it would turn out.  Personally that is my big struggle, seriously trusting every step of the way, waiting with confidence and being ok with God's unique timing.  I trust God but obviously not his timing. I want things to happen quick.
Gods like.... Just Chill Kev.
Im like come on now, its been a week.
Hes like buddy weve been through this before.
I roll my eyes.
He lands a fly in my drink....
Really? Really?
Ill make something happen you wait and see
another day goes by and I wait in anticipation.
I pray and hope
He has a big smile on his face because He's finally got my attention.
I worry about how I'm going to make ends meet.
A good friend calls and gives some good insight and support.
I feel better.
I start to worry again.
He shakes his head.... patience my friend.

Thats how the story goes. Its funny. (and I know there are others out there who do this too) We get to worrying and get stressed because something doesnt work out and not anywhere in the time frame we want it in.  We want to take matters in our own hands. But in the long run really, we have absolutely no control.  We learn sometimes the hard way , even repeatedly , instead of having trust in God who always provides and gives to his children as needed. (These deep thoughts from the one typing this with knots in his stomach as anxiety is high dealing with major employment changes.)

So Im thinking about this verse.....
"Do not worry about  your life, what you will eat or drink or about your body what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes. Look at the birds of the air  they do not sow or reap or store away in bards and yet your heavenly father feeds them. "

 Im not really into dressing like a flower, or eating like a bird, but I'm not really into excessive worrying either so Ive "employed" myself to spend time letting it go.  However I can. The main way being through worship.  Praying, meditating, Singing, playing guitar and and staying positive.

Worrying is all about me.
Leading to a lot of things I dont need or want
 Worship is all about God.
A break from all the chaos. The perfect remedy.



Ragamuffin Movie review


     I heard a while back that this movie was playing on a limited amount of screens in different venues nationwide and I wanted to see it. As a high schooler I remember Rich Mullins not just as a Christian musician but also as a person as he played for many of the events I attended at that age. ( youth retreats, CIY conferences , etc) Last week I saw the movie on sale at walmart for $10 so I got a copy.

    Ill be straight up and say I really loved this movie. Although it really didnt focus on all he accomplished in over a decade of his musical career, it did show all about his personal life story as potrayed by his brother David Mullins, co producer and writer. 

     Watching this movie took me back many years to my first hand experiences with Rich, his music, how his songs inspired me and encouraged me and where I was in life during my time of listening to it.  Its crazy when you take time to think about it, how people have such a  big impact on your life. As a beginning guitar player I remember watching his strumming patterns and playing styles, I remember hearing his honest and creative stories and hearing his heart in every song. I also remember hanging out with him many times at CIY in Michigan in the dorm and on campus there at Adrian College. (It was even more strange to see my dorm room and off campus housing area in the movie as he had attended Cincinnati many years before me.) I also remembered helping him set up for some gigs, watching him connect with the most random of people and touring with my friend Beaker at the time who was a good christian mentor.

    What I liked the most in the movie however, was the way the story showed the many struggles Rich faced and how he tried dealing with them. I'm not sure how much portrayed of Rich was true or just over dramatization on some areas of his life but He obviously had many najor challenges. On the other hand he had a deep philosophical side , was very witty, comical and clever which i remember very clearly.  Even tho he was in a high profile position he,as anyone, dealt with his tough stuff and many times talked about it openly which caused a lot of hype and criticism in the church and christian marketplace at that time.  We needed more people like tjat then and now still.  Rich was honest, simple and relational.

      I actually found myself after watching the movie playing some of my cds of his and surprised myself at how many songs I remember as Ive been plucking them on my guitar. This movie is a great example of how God can use anybody in powerful ways.  Its also a good reminder of how real human struggle is even when doing the will of God. If you never knew of Rich the only way to view his true character is to watch some clips on youtube or listen to his music. ( he has over a dozen albums/cds available).  If you want to get a glimpse at his life story definitely watch this movie. 

His music and life obviously had a big impact on me and his message is still very true and something we all need. 

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Check out the movie site at...