The past 4 years I have been on a life changing journey that has taken me through alot and brought me to a new place I never was expcting. Some of this journey included situations totally out of my control , some repercussions of my own mistakes and the rest totally unnecessary and crazy but God took it all and continues to make good out of the bad. 
Ive learned firsthand yet again the blessing of a good support system to lean on and grow with. Im grateful for the friends who actually stuck with me along the way and were so supportive. Im very grateful for my family who I now love even more dearly. Even more amazing I have been stretched and have matured in my faith more than I knew was possible.

Two years ago almost to the day I met a new person in my life that has turned out to be an amazing relationship. I knew then and still now that she was a blessing from God. She has been encouraging, supporting and was always there through some pretty hard times. Her name is Susan.  I have discovered that she is the perfect example  of one of those loving and rare people in life who "accepts your past , supports your present and encourages your future.".... And for that Im very very grateful. 

Its crazy how time flies and hard to believe its been two years now since God directed our paths to each other. In that time weve had some incredibly fun experiences together alot of deep conversations, seen many answered prayers and have grown close through some big life events.

Im very grateful for her and love how she has been not only a best friend but also a huge part of my life. Finding someone like her at this time in life has been nothing short of a blessing. Thank you Suze for all you are and all you do for me everyday!! Xoxo!!
(Heres a few pics from the 100s  weve taken)


AHA Moment

     I loved his other book, Not A Fan, so when I saw this book I got very excited. This book is a very inspirational way of searching and thinking deeper about those moments when God helps us have a major breakthrough and finally get it! I personally continue to search for those moments everyday. Its about a sudden awakening, honesty with yourself and putting it all into action. 

     Im staying completely open, awake and alert as I read this and am ready for his next big adventure for me. Ill definitely post more about this as I go. If you read this blog and are reading it as well contact me and tell me your thoughts on it. Very exciting!