my boys (Fatherhood and encouragement to all fathers)

     Luckily My boys and I have always had a great relationship that I have been blessed with . I always try to find new ways to stay connected with them and let them know I think theyre amazing. Even when times get tough, life throws out suprises , teenage years roll out the red carpet and family challenges unfold I never give up on being a father or on these guys in any way. Ive seen too much of that in the world and in my job. Not my thing and not who I am. 

     Its hard at times, it can suck really bad and be beyond challenging but I have been given them and this responsibility for a reason. Nothing can stop me from making my best efforts. Im excited for their lives and everyday try to pray for them, with them when I see them and over them. Thats my mission. Even when they seem distant themselves and  not wanting to talk or maybe somewhat disconnected for whatever reason I am still here.
      If youre a man and have kids, step it up. Be a dad. Be the best dad you can be and then some. Regardless of the rough road of having boys and wherever it may lead its worth it. Thats what I keep aiming for. Thats what God wants from all fathers. 
Im here for the long haul boys. Please know you can always trust me in all circumstaned and Ill always have your back. 


( looking for a good book on fatherhood? Check out Father Fiction by Donald Miller  or Fatherless Generation by John Sowers. Both will change you life and perspective on being a dad. )