Never Stop Praying (A message from a Humming Bird)

     Many times a week when I'm on my treadmill at home Ill look out the window over my deck and see a humingbird buzz around the bird feeder.  The weird thing is first of all the bird feeder is empty and second its not even a Humming bird feeder! My question is why does it keep coming back? Or even why does it come in the first place. Its been empty literally for the whole short time Ive lived there (mainly because Ive been too lazy to just go out there and fill it.)   Ive been waiting to hear a small peck on the window and a dirty look from this bird pearing in at me until I feel guilty enough to refill it.  But regardless it shows up continually checking it out. Never stopping and always returning even when its still empty. So while I was thinking about this unique daily scenario, for some reason the words never stop keep coming to mind.

     Never stop is a reminder I keep telling myself everyday in the middle of my life circumstance.  Never stop pursuing God, never stop hoping, never stop making the most of everyday, never stop praying. I find some prayers Ive prayed to be just like that birdfeeder.  Empty. Never answered. Just there.  I lift them up and keep coming back to them but no answer. No results. But ironically I know that is no excuse to stop praying.  I have learned many times over many years that even tho my prayers sometimes can be lifted up and get no response, to stop praying is not really an option. ( I wrote more thoughts about this in my book called book Sinking Deeper). God will eventually answer and do His thing. Unlike me, he's not too lazy to "refill the feeder" or answer us when we continue returning back to Him.

I love the worship song "Not For A Moment". It helps to better understand that God is constant and never fails us. Its a pretty amazing lyric that is fairly new but something everyone needs to hear and remember especially when you feel you want to quit.  Never Stop Praying. Not for a moment does He stop listening.
He is always wanting to hear from us all the time.

No matter whether empty or full  this bird is going to keep coming back. So the thought I've concluded from everything on my mind and this little buzzing reminder is...............
We might not like it when we are ignored but neither does God. Neither do Hummingbirds.
So never Stop praying and always fill your bird feeder.



About four years ago my sons wrote a song called "sunset". Corey and I redid it a bit and recorded it for my newest cd. I changed it up again here just as a simple message to my boys Corey and Ethan. Check it out Son (sunset Song Remake) by kevinearnst on SoundCloud
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Sign Me Up

     I have to be honest, theres been a lot of very unncessary life circumstances and junk Ive been sorting through personally for quite some time. Its pretty incredible and insane. Im always amazed at all the ignorance and belligerance that goes along with it and how crazy things can get when the real focus is lost. But through it I always continue to search and wait on God which is a very hard thing to do. No matter how long you have tried doing it. I dont think I dont think I ever signed up for this kind of torment and grief and am often wondering where all this is headed.

I as anyone else, have days when Im pretty much done with all the craziness and want to hand it over to someone else.  I was told the other day by a friend of mine that they wanted to read me something I needed to hear. Being totally open to any encouragement at the time they read from a book the paragraphs below......
The bottom line is you have to let go of everything that might hinder you from going deeper into the abyss of the ocean that leads into the awesome of God’s love. We have cried out to God. He has heard. Now we have to wait and trust. It’s the final stage. The final moment where we finally admit out loud

“I can’t do this anymore. Take all of me.”

“What was that?” He asks

“That’s right God I have faith and trust in you to take all of me and do your thing. I’m done being in control and trying to figure it out on my own. I want to sink deep into your ultimate will for my life.”

Once you come to this point I can see that smile that breaks out across the face of God as He begins to prepare us for the next step. When we finally recognize God in all His faithfulness we are just beginning to see the phenomenal things he will be able to do from here on out with our lives. He’s shaping you into his perfect plan. God’s faithfulness has extended from the very beginning of creation to this very second you are reading this sentence and He has no reason to stop now. His goal is to develop a similar strong and long-lasting faith in us even if it takes longer then we ever had planned.

Have faith in God. When God seems far away, have faith in God. When you are feeling trapped, have faith in God. When I can’t take anymore and feel like I’m going to go ballistic, have faith in God. Personally I don’t like being stretched past my limits but if it brings me closer to God and deeper into his love then I am all for it. Sign me up. Stretch me and pull me until I’m so out of shape that I’m not even recognizable anymore. Stretch me into something new.

I was blown away and all of the sudden some things started to make sense. Im working through being totally sold on the fact that God will take care of every situation how He wants it. Even if presently seems far from fair or realistic. In the end He's got a bigger plan that if we believe in and wait for will be pretty amazing. I also was blown away by the fact that the words read in these paragraphs, my friend reminded me, were from a book that I actually wrote!!  "Sinking Deeper". Words I felt strongly about not many years ago. I had no clue I'd be in this kind of place when I wrote them. I had no clue when I said SIGN ME UP! that I was probably saying literally .... sign me up! and here I am.

I dont like being stretched past my limits but if it brings me closer to God........

What was I thinking?

Really tho.

At least I was reminded what I need to continue doing. This is an opportunity as Ive known all along to grow really really really close to God.... and I need to soak up every minute and trust that in the end He's gonna set the matter straight and make things right.

Even if I dont like presently all thats going on.

So I say a bit reluctantly because Im still learning but I need to say it......

Im still signed up so.......Bring It on.