I got to meet up for lunch today with one of my great friends here in Flagstaff. We had a lot to catch up on and with crazy different situations going on hadnt had the opportunity to meet up in over 3 weeks.  He shared all that he'd been up to and some twists and turns that had happened over the last week. Part of the conversation was about winning over his dad to Christ in a conversation while his dad continues to suffer with cancer. I then updated him on how things were going for me and the crazy journey I've been on.

The question came up later as we ate and hung out there that Ive been thinking through for many weeks.
"Do you really believe God is in control right now in all this?

I didnt really have to hesitate to answer because it had been on my mind and I said "Yes I do. I at least hope he is because no one else seems to be including me."

Whether we want to believe it or not, whether we live it or not, no matter how you look at it, whether you want to accept it or not God is actually in control.  Even when it doesnt seem like it at all. Ive been reminded of this daily for a while now. For me its a time of total dependence on God and going along for the ride no matter where it takes me. Ultimately God's plan is better than anything I could imagine even if it is not an easy way out. I even know as I make this dependence on God my ultimate goal that I will be tested and probably stretched in a way Im not even expecting at this moment. Im ready tho. Ive really got nothing to lose if God is really in control. Thats the absolute truth.



I noticed the other day I havent blogged in a while and ironically have a lot to share that I should have blogged about for quite some time. I always write when there seems to be major events going on and unique things in life that are worth sharing about. For some reason however this past 3-4 weeks has thrown me off. Well actually I know the reason.... its because the last 3 weeks have led me to and through the biggest detour Ive ever had in my life ever.

Everyone is familiar with life detours. You know how it works. Out of the blue, all of the sudden change occurs and you have to adjust in some major way to what you know as "normal".  It can alter everything and throw off every aspect of everything in every way and that is exactly what happened. Im not going to go into detail about my personal "detour" situation on here. It wouldnt be appropriate or a good positive step right now but I know it was totally unexpected, not all good, dramatized immensely and could have been handled in a 100% different way. The good thing that brings me the most peace through it is that I know the absolute truth and God knows the final outcome. With that I find great comfort. Even tho it took me a while to be reminded of that again, accept it and commit to that fact.

For me its all about taking the time in the detour to learn how to totally depend on God, build a relationship with him and take advantage of the closeness God is wanting in times like these. As pastor David Jeremiah says  its not asking why is this happening? But "I know God You've allowed this in my life and Im going to learn from it".  I picked up a copy of a book just after my new "bend in the road" called "Sun Stand Still". Love this. I had heard about it and knew it would be the perfect fit for me. Its about the prayer prayed in time of need where an army led by Joshua needed more daylight to win their battle and the sun actually stood still in the sky for a whole extra day. Crazy. I also found a new CD I wanted to get by Sanctus Real called "Pieces of a Real Heart". I have been a fan of this band forever but this latest CD with the songs I had already heard from it was hitting home with alot of things I was dealing with. The CD is full of songs that are perfect and a Godsend in this time of change and waiting and its been playing in my car now over and over for weeks.

 Between these things and a lot of great awesome support I have in Flag and friends I have been able to take advantage of this period of time when I know in most cases I  would crack, crash , burn and be angry at the world. I have enjoyed it again more than many other times in my life and its been a huge marker in my life. That's because I have made it that way and made effort to in the midst of what normally is intended for bad. God makes good out of what Evil meant to harm. Do I have confidence that God will handle it and turn it in to a huge blessing? Absolutely! I just have to patiently wait and continue searching and knowing Him better in the meantime.
Not easy in any way but its the only way and definitely worth it.

Please pray.....

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