My Latest Playlist

I have a list of about a dozen songs right now that are my top favs on my playlist. The ones below are my top 3. Ive listened to these everyday as they have have had a huge impact on my life over the past year or more and been encouraging in my present life circumstance. The music is sweet but even better the lyrics are simple and awesome reminders that I always love to hear. I wanted to put them on here to share with you as I'm sure there's many others who need to hear them too..

3."You Are More"  a great lyric from Tenth Avenue North about God's mercy and grace on our lives no matter who we are, what we've done or what were going through.

2."Strong Enough" by Matthew West  is one of my all time favs.  The words say it all.

1."Always" is a powerful tune just with the simple thought that God is our ultimate help and will not delay in coming to our rescue.

Take a moment and check them out!

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Pivotal Praying

I've been reading through this awesome book called "Pivotal Praying" by John Hull & Tim Elmore for a while now. In my present situation in life I've realized more and more that I am seriously blessed to have some awesome friends and family. No matter if they are close logistically or far away they always have been and will be a big part of my daily life. Their counsel and prayers have led me to seriously believe the words of this prayer in this book. This is the prayer I've been praying and believe in. Check it out for yourself. It's perfect and true.

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