Fall hike in Flag 2011

Hiking with the boys around the Peaks: Fall 2011

This by far was an awesome day seeing the Aspens and the sunset at the Peaks. Check out these pics and click the link below. They turned out amazing!

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Courageous- The Movie

Sunday I had the privelege of taking my boys to see "Courageous"  which was really awesome. Its another film made by The Sherwood Baptist Church (also known for "Facing the Giants"). This movie as I had already read about and knew, is about 4 men in different life situations trying to be better fathers. Like the rest of the movies put out by the Kendricks it has a message that is very clear and a call out to share the need of men stepping up to be more courageous in their families lives. Its definitely the best of all the films they have made up to this point.
     I took my boys to see it because I knew they'd like it but also because of the message that was through it in every scene. It's the same message Ive always tried to convey in my life to them. No dad is perfect but the importance of a fathers role in th lives of any children is important and this movie helps to illustrate that point.
I ironically not only have the opportunity to live this out in my life with my boys but also as a job as I focus on being a male role model and coach to many fatherless teens and children everyday in my position at Arizonas Children Association. I've been into over 30 homes while working there for the past two years now and over 90% have been homes that have no father figure or male role model whatsoever. Its a huge epidemic. Ive also been reading a book called "Fatherless Generation"  by John Sowers, director of the Mentoring project set up by my favorite author Donald Miller. It shares the same facts and info in the movie. I see this issue of fathers without courage everyday not only at my job but in the world around me as Im sure you may have noticed too.
     The movie is an encouragement for me,  reminder for some and a declration to all men to step it up and I highly agree with all the facts and information shared in this movie.
*Men should never be absent in the lives of their children.
*We as adults should not be willing to walk away from marriage due to problems but to fight for saving it at all costs.
*Fathers are how children find a lot of identity and security
The list goes on and on.
     The story line is great. Full of twists and surpises. The message is clear and one that we all need to hear.
Im not writing this as a review of the movie itself but to encourage anyone to watch it and take to heart the message that it portrays. One of my personal daily goals as anyone who knows me knows is to be a great father and its not an easy road. I will never quit that key role in my life or have it taken away for any reason.  Check this movie out. Take your kids if you think they are old enough to watch it. Me and the boys had  a great discussion for hours after we saw it. It definitely will change your way of looking at dad.