Wholeness: One Day at a Time

Wholeness: One Day At A Time
So I wrote a blog the other day about how bad my day was and how everything was completely crazy and out of the ordinary. I actually read it through a day later and got a few good laughs. Actually I'll admit that even in the moment however it was pretty hilarious and I often laugh in awkward moments or make a joke as that is just how I deal with things. The point is however that again it reminded me that each day is literally another chance to learn something new, experience something that will stretch us and take us to new places. Thats how I see it anyway. For me the past couple years have been that way everyday and its amazing how when I look back I can see how much Ive learned with this perspective. Its really not always that easy tho. Just a personal self evaluation.

At the beginning of the year I made it a goal again to work improve and work on myself to continue to be the man God wants me to be. These areas included my social life, spiritual life, physical and mental health and so on. Kind of a holistic approach to making life happen. Included in that goal was to build a solid support group of people and resources to have in all I do. Good solid friendships, accountability support, a loving healthy church family and positive outlets for myself. I have to say its not always easy to keep that going but its been great to have and I greatly appreciate all of the people Ive found to be good supportive , insightful friends in my everyday life, workplace and church. Pretty amazing. Its good to know when you have people in your life that are their to truly be a friend and help you make life better with only you in mind and no other agenda. That whole concept often times seems extinct.

Today after I spent an hour of my day today excersizing and stepping up my routine to burn off whats left of my spare tire gut, I got to talk to a great friend Ive had in my life for many years and I was reminded of all the good things included in this blog but also of the one part of my life that is pretty key and that is my relationships. Another area of my life that I am working on as I am pursuing improving relationships that God has put in my life.

So my point is in this particular blog: Whatever your day may bring if you make it your intention you can find each day entangled with new chances to see God and life situations take you to a new and whole you. (and no Im not now just figuring this out for the first time. Just sharing to encourage any of my readers to give it a try too.)

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My Bad Day

I thought Id share this very bad day of mine just for anyone's entertainment. I posted it in my facebook status and it was too long. So here's what happened...I got off to a late start today, dumped water all over my laptop, had 3 hours of meetings, went to a court hearing I wish I didn't have to be at, my yogurt mysteriously exploded all over my cell phone, I dumped coffee all down the front of my shirt, ended up breaking up a family fight at a team meeting where the F bomb was dropped at least 3 dozen times, attended another meeting where I learned some new bad news about my clients father I can't post on here, walked into a messy arguement between a teen and a mother I've been working with and to top it all off when I came home I found my sandal and toes on my left foot covered in crap that I evidently must have stepped in somewhere. No joke. All true. So I took my self out to dinner and had ribs at Buffalo Wild Wings and I'm going to bed. Not a typical day of mine. Thinking positive. Anyone every have days like this? It happens. Luckily it always gets better. Tomorrow it'll all just be a bad dream. Or maybe a good laugh. Whatever the case............Adios evil Thursday.


God's Back Yard

Last night I was on my way back from a clients house in northwestern arizona and came across an experience like never before. If you have ever been in that area you know how amazingly beautiful it is and scenic. Mountains, the north rim of the canyon, miles and miles of Joshua trees and open skies. I took a new route back this time off of 93 just north of Kingman on Stockton Hill Road that let me into one of the most powerfully amazing places Ive ever been. Maybe it was just me or the moment but I think I literally for a little while stumbled into God's back yard. The sun was going down and leaving more colors on the mountains and landscape than I could remember. There was open road both ways and I was the only one there. Peaceful, serene, panaramic and breathtaking. I got out of the car to take some pics and then took off again. Only minutes later to end up getting out again and taking more. Needless to say this route thats about a 30 miles long ended up being a long trip as I couldnt get enough of the place. Simply amazing. Perfect place to experience God like none other. Not really that explainable by words and these pics only really give a small taste of the place.....

One big thing for me lately that has been cool is getting simple reminders in my daily life that provide some kind of comfort or peace or even direction. As I came across this I was sure this was one of those places to again remind me of the need to stop and take a breath. Im pretty sure nowhere else did anyone have an experience like this at the time and place I did as I was alone in the middle of one of the most incredible and majestic views completely surrounding the road I was on. To me it was like God giving me a moment to take one on one with Him as he said "Im here". I actaully had nothing to say and in my amazement of it all just stood there, took pics (even in the middle of the road) and soaked up the unique silence in a place very massive, serene and relaxing.

The pics are below. Nothing more to say. The pics should say it all. If not you need to go and experience it for yourself.