Reaching 40

Reaching 40.So I finally made it to 40. Not too excited about the number but I am very excited about how Im celebrating it. I set a goal just two months ago to reach my perfect weight and reached it. Now Im on vacation celebrating and I think gained it all back. Whatever the case I'm glad to be hanging for over a week with family and doing alot of things Ive been wanting to do for a long time. Camping, swimming in lake Michigan, fireworks, visiting missed relatives and of course catching up on my blogging. To top it off the trip down to Phoenix to fly out was one of the most adventurous days Ive had ever. Long story but maybe sometime I'll share more. Anyway. Its been a strange different kind of year and there's alot to write about. In case you are following along stay tuned for some more stories and insight from the new 40 year old blogger.