Working In lake Havasu City

My new part time job in Lake Havasu City

For years since Ive been in AZ I have wanted to go check out the London Bridge. Ironically this year as part of work Ive been in and out of Lake Havasu city where we have an office. So I get to see it all the time. Its like a little tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Who would have ever thought the London Bridge is in Arizona, let alone a large body of water that is officially a lake and an island that the bridge connects. ITs all hard to wrap your mind around I know. Whatever the case I love that town and Im glad I get to check it out so often. Im getting to know people around the town and have my favorite places (including the Hawaiin shaved ice stand along the channel.) Sure its a bit hot there but it beats 40's and snow in the middle of May here in Flag. ITs a pretty sweet gig and its been great working with the staff there at AZCA. I have tons of pics as I work around the town and am just amazed by the view. Its a great vacation spot if you're looking for a get away. (Know anyone with a jet ski they would be ok with me borrowing?)