Physically Fit in 2011 ( My big 40th birthday goal)

So one of my big goals this year is to again be physically fit. About four years ago I stepped on to a scale after Christmas while I as on vacation and was greatly offended by the numbers. Somehow I had gained a ton of weight and so I decided I needed to do something about it. I set a goal for myself, a new years resloution and went out an bought a treadmill. I was determined that I was going to lose weight that year. I walked everyday whether I wanted to or not and kept a log. Holidays, busy work days. Read on the tread mill, listened to music on my Ipod while on the treadmill, made phone calls on the treadmill, watched TV on the treadmill. Several months went by and even tho I didnt notice anything I felt a difference. To make a long story short by that fall and that winter I lost about 38 pounds. Good story huh?

Sad to say but my focus has not been very much on fitness over the past couple years until just recently. Last December I decided to make a goal in 2011 to focus again on health. After all believe it or not this year I turn the big 40. So my goal is to get back down to my desired weight. (Im not going to give the number but its about 10-12 pounds less ) and Im working on building muscle. My sons and I joke alot about our six packs. Or one packs. But I decided to work it all off and go for the abs. So I workout as many days a week as I can doing several miles on the treadmill, and my reps of crunches, push ups, curls and keep increasing weekly. I set a goal to be at by this month and presently am only a couple pounds off. Corey has been trying to do the same and keeps me going. My goal is by my birthday... July 4th, to be exactly at my expected weight, have developed abs and upper body tone, muscle. Im determined to do it. If you read this and want to follow up and make sure Im still trying to work on my big 40th birthday goal ask me. I still have a little over 4 months! Im excited and have to step it up!

Ive found, as any fitness guru or PE teacher would probably tell you, that excersize is definitely one of the keys to your mental health. Its been for me anyway. When your stressed or overwhelmed or maybe even having a rough week you would be suprised how much taking about 45 minutes will do to positively help your health. It doesnt mean even walking on a treadmill. It could be just by getting outside and being physically active for a change. It can boost your mood, help you find that energy you need to make it through a busy day and actually help prevent and fight off some of those bugs that come this time of year. So I am going to keep working at this and see how it works out. The clock is tickin. Time for some more crunches.......