Fall Vacation in Buchanan, MI!

Im blogging live from Buchanan, MI! woohoo. Small place yes but its my hometown! Havent been on here forever. Im taking my first vacation in 2010 and Im ready to stay another week. Rode here on a train for 36 hours which was very cool and very long. Very very long. Flying back which will be alot more enjoyable Im sure. We've been to the haunted house the Harvest parade ,which was more like bad morning traffic and doing fall stuff with the family. I was most impressed today downtown with a new coffee house called Union Coffee house. Amazing. Who would have thought a place like that would appear in downtown Buchahan. Got an awesome Pumpkin spice latte and walked through the exhibits and all in the Harvest fest with the boys, fam and nephews and nieces. Pretty cool. The weather is much colder but been very seasonal and enjoyable. Love having the boys play with all their cousins and catching up with both brothers. Its been a great Time!