"One Step Closer" is now released!

Its hard to believe but I started this project in the fall of 04. Almost 6 years later I have completed a set of 11 songs that I believe are my best ever written and have become my theme songs over the past several years. Its amazing how these songs came together and how they turned out.... let alone how long it took! All of them are perfectly complete from the first one written "Set Me Free" to the last , "One". Both songs that I find myself singing over and over everyday.

I have to say a big thanks to Mark , my producer and his wife Mindy Adler who continued to push me over the past three years to finish this project. I first was introduced to Synthesaur Studios when I moved to Flag and from the moment we first sat down to talk about the project I knew great things were going to happen. I would walk in week after week, month after month with random ideas and would come back a day later and he would have made it into something I could never imagine. My ideas and creativity and his unique style and technical skills on Pro-tools and Reason together made all these songs turn into something I am amazed at. I have to admit, this is the first project where I actually wrote the songs during the recording process. I often work better that way... under pressure and find some of the best lyrics I have ever written were just stumbled upon in the process. Some of the song lyrics including the bridge from "Set Me Free" and parts of "Sunset" were actually made up on the spot while standing in front of the mic recording the song in the studio!!

One of the biggest challenges I face during recording a CD is not finding new songs to write but "spiritual battles". I personally admit that during this process I was attacked more than ever and at times just gave up on the project for weeks and months at a time. Some of the most crazy and painful stuff in my life actually happened during this process. It was even for a while becoming predictable and I remember telling Mark about it many times and just waiting to see what was going to happen next. Financial struggles out of the blue, major health issues with the kids, the news of my mom's cancer, personal struggles and frustrations with people and ministry.... we have all been there before but it always came just as I was headed to the studio or on the verge of another great song. With this in mind there is only one thing that stands out and that is this project was going to be amazing and in my own "spiritual battle" I was being attacked so it would never be completed. Every day though... was "One Step Closer" to seeing how this would come together.

Today, February 24th, 2010 11 songs with lots of memories and stories behind them and 5 years of some major changes and challenges to tie it all together is available for you to experiene and enjoy! The finished project will be here and be available for sale on the market, on the internet, on I-tunes and hopefully soon at some of your local stores.

This cd features a whole new sound and many awesome different instruments, a lyric and melody written by my son Corey Earnst on "Sunset", my favorite new song entitled "There's A Place" and "One" the perfect love song. It also has a suprise choir on "One Step Closer" a great worship song for your local church called "Nothing Compares" , a heartfelt passion that runs through each melody and a wonderfully produced collection of music thanks to Mark Adler and the many hours he spent in the studio with me.

I know you are going to love this project.

Available soon on CDbaby, I-tunes and all major music distribution websites.

If you want to get a copy sooner please contact by snail mail at:

932 Parker Dr.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

CDs are $12 or two for $20!!!

Get your copy today!!!

Thanks everyone for your support!