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Deeper challenged me to worship God steadfastly, even when everything is NOT ok. In a culture where worship is in danger of becoming a cliché, Deeper calls us to genuine worship that doesn’t depend on our circumstances.

Barry Blair – Music producer, Grammy Nominee, Dove Award winner (Audio Adrenaline, Bleach, Addison Road) Nashville,TN

"Sinking Deeper is an honest look into the life of a Christ-follower who passionately wants to worship Jesus, especially during the storms of life. Kevin takes us far beyond the boundaries of worship just being defined by music, to worship in which we pursue the character of Christ."

Andy Frank, Worship Pastor- Christ Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ

"In his book Sinking Deeper, Kevin humbly reminds the reader what true Worship is: a continual desire to be in the presence of a Living and Loving God. Whether your life is sailing through crystal calm waters or is being thrown about by stormy waves, Kevin shares personally and biblically that the only way to truly find peace is by Sinking Deeper. I highly encourage you to read this book. "

Garrick Whited, Producer - KLove Radio Network , Sacramento, CA

“I have known Kevin Earnst as a talented songwriter and gifted musician for several years now. But with his first book, Sinking Deeper: The Art of Worship While Drowning, Kevin shows himself to be a great storyteller as well. From the intriguing title to the honest personal stories, this book drew me in and pulled me on to keep reading. Most of all, Deeper draws me deeper as a worshiper and a follower of Jesus. This book is transparent, humorous and real. I highly recommend it. “

Dr. Ken Read, Professor of Music , Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH

“Kevin’s conversational approach blended with his understanding of Scripture makes this book accessible and practical. Be encouraged and strengthened by his writings.”

Justin Miller- Worship Pastor at First Christian Church, Napa, CA

“From the heart of a great songwriter, Sinking Deeper is a personal testimony full of encouragement and timeless truths. Honest, funny and convincing, Kevin challenges me to be a more faithful, passionate worshipper.”

Mike Frazier, Worship Pastor, Savannah Christian Church, Savannah , GA

"This book explodes the concept of worship out of the church building and into the course of everyday life.... a life that is often messy and complicated yet full of potential when God is in the midst. Kevin brings you face to face with the critical need for a deeper lifestyle of worship in order to not only survive but thrive through any situation by God's grace. His practical thoughts, relevant stories, powerful portions of the Psalms and challenging questions will allow you to sink deeper in hope and joy as a result of the amazing power of worship! A great resource for personal growth, small group study and even a sermon series!

Andy Hansen, Executive Director of C. I.Y. (Christ in Youth) Joplin, MO

Kevin’s book Sinking Deeper: The Art of Worship While Drowning is a refreshingly honest; truly helpful; and at times humorous read for those who want to and/or need to spend time with the Lord. This book can be especially a great help to those who experience times that are fearful. It has examples from scripture of how the patriarchs overcame in severe trials and uses contemporary examples to illustrate important spiritual points. An important concept which is presented in Sinking Deeper is that “worship is a relationship with God”. This is not a popular notion and many who shouldn’t miss this – unfortunately miss this. This book is full of faith and encourages faith in God. Sinking Deeper is an expression of how truly big God is.

Rufus Harris, President-Red Letter Records, pastor-The Bridge Church, Pontiac, MI

"In the tradition of men like Job, Elijah, Jonah, and David, Kevin Earnst wrestles with the eternal question, "Why do God's people suffer?" He writes with Passion about a topic that is relevant to hurting believers: how to praise God in the midst of pain. The image of "worship while drowning" is extremely pertinent to those in difficult situations and offers much relief, comfort, encouragement and hope to those who read this book."

Dr. Les Hardin, Associate Professor of New Testament at Florida Christian College, Kissimee, FL