My New Football Player
Over the past few months Corey has been playing football. This was his first year and he did great trying to learn the game and plays. Their team did great over the season and won the playoffs and the championship at the NAU Dome

Long Time No Write

Wow its been forever since I have been on here and alot has been happening. Its been a couple months and the year is almost over and here I am finally getting back on to blogging. I'm including below all the things that have been going on and some new adventures right now..... read on and see whats new ....

In September we had an awesome worship event out at Pine Mountain Ampitheatre. It was a worship service and we had over 1,000 people out on the lawn on that beautiful day. The band, full choir and vocalists were there and lead the music. Im going to upload some pictures and a link to watch some videos of the event on here soon.

new pics on here of the One event at Fort Tuthill. my visit to McCains party in Phoenix, Coreys football shots, more songs being recorded back in the studio and the book. Do I dare mention the book. The project I've been working on for four years now... I am so close...... Im shooting for it to be out by Christmas. Its November already. Its crazy and we got snow here last night. What the heck is going on?? Check back... more pics and info very soon....