My New Instinct Phone

Ok so I just got the new Instinct phone from Sprint. Ive had the Treo for a year but this definitely beats that hands down. You can't get away from the ads and commercials for it. They are everywhere. First of all I got it at Best Buy and amazingly it was quite a bit cheaper than the Sprint store (not to mention that the Sprint store didn't even have any in stock yet and it would take 3 days for them to get it in once ordered.) Anyway this phone is pretty amazing, full internet access, email GPS Video and photo & video capabilities with 2.0 megapix and a storage card with 3gigs that is included. Its a full touch screen set up with visual voice mail and lots of other new calling features. One of my favorites is the mp3 player and mobile tv that comes with it. Lots of channels for videos, weather, entertainment news and music. I have had it for about two weeks now and am still learning all the features. I took it out the other day to try using the GPS system. I set it up and typed in the address and to my surprise another awesome feature... not only is the GPS 2d and 3d but yes... it talks. The features are endless. Its all touch screen. Its small enough to fit in my pocket and not rip a big hole in my jeans and best of all it even makes smoothies. I love this thing!