Michigan in June

We just got back from a week long trip to Michigan. We left on Sunday afternoon and drove to Phoenix and then flew into the wee hours of the night. We arrived in Detroit at 2 and then actually met up with some friends for a late night breakfast at Dennys!!! and of course I made my trek to Tim Hortons to stock up on a couple cans of coffee to take back. About 4 in the morning we drove over to Jackson and slept for a few hours at my brothers house. From there we picked up my Nephew Tyler and drove over to Michiana Christian Service Camp. Talk about a long night. About 18 hours later we arrived at our final destination. Below are some of the pics from camp that Corey and I were at. Ethan and Tyler visited the grandparents a few miles away.
It was a great week. The weather was amazingly nice (until the huge storm on Sunday morning on the way to church) Corey sang some of the songs with me and the band during the week and started a surprise fan club. On Wednesday we spent part of the day looking at stars in a portable planetarium and focused on Gods awesome creation in space. During campfire the speaker shared with us amazing facts about the universe and the pic at the top is me singing "Starmaker" from the Cd overflow at that event.

o see more pics from camp CLICK HERE

To see our canoe trip with my dad on the St. Joe River CLICK HERE

To watch Corey singing "Might To Save" CLICK HERE