My Adventures of January/February 2008
It's February of 08 already and I just noticed it's been quite a while since I blogged last. The past two months have flown by since we got back from out visit to MIchigan and we have had a continual dumping of snow here in Arizona. Who would have figured. We've gotten at least 12 to 17 inches 4 different times and I think the end is near.

In Michigan over the holidays and into the first week of January we visited family and friends in Buchanan, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Woodhaven and Corunna pretty much covering the whole bottom half of the state but never had as much snow as here. We actually sepnt alot of time sledding on many different hills but when we got back home we got another several days of sledding time and the kids about 5 days off school. I have never been sledding this much in my life. (can you make a living doing this?) We have an awesome hill on the 14th hole of the golf behind our house and if you get a good start you can make it literally about halfway down the fairway. Pretty hilarious.

This past weekend I went with some friends up to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Ski at Wolf Creek.
Skiing was a blast but the road trip part in itself was worth it all. I had never been to Colorado before and it was beautiful and snowy. Then I made a wrong turn on the way back into New Mexico and we got to see alot of great views up by Monument Valley. Cruising through the northern Arizona stretch was pretty different. On the sun setting on the snowy mountains on one side and the rocky monumental pillars on the other. Stars were glowing through the sunroof and David Crowder playing on the car stereo. It was a pretty amazing setting to say the least.

There is a whole lot of nothing out there. Open land and random gigantic rock formations that make you stop and think how in the world did this happen? God certainly had something different in mind when he laid all this out. In fourth grade I remember hearing about my principal's visit to the four corners and on our way back we stopped there. Speaking of nowhere, its amazing how exactly in the middle of nowhere this place is. I wonder how many people actually visited this spot and stood on this small marking on the ground to make their claim to fame that they stood in four states at one time. Whatev(then I wonder how long it took them to actually find this location.) Whatever the case. I was one of those people and enjoyed the stop and the road trip with everyone. Below are a handful of pictures and some of the group at each place.