In the past 4 weeks a ton has happened here and I got some great pictures so I wanted to share. It all started on Thanksgiving as we had our small group over for a huge feast. I actually a few days before managed for the first time ever to put all our outside lights up and started spinning the Christmas music. I have never done that before so Im not sure what's wrong with me.

If that wasnt strange enough late on Thanksgiving day over 80 elk showed up in our back yard and hung out to have Thanksgiving dinner on the green. Here's a picture as we spotted them around the corner a few days later.

In Phoenix a couple weeks ago Kathy and I drove by a group of hot air balloons landing in the sunset and got alot of pics. It was a beautiful day and
of course great weather for December

Speaking of crazy for the past four months we have been working on ou Christmas musical which we finally did last weekend. It went great as over 1300 people came and were touched by the story and the message. (pictured below is Kathys scene with the Grinch.)

Also last weekend we got pounded with almost 20 inches of snow so the kids got two snow days and we spent 3 afternoons building a snowman, sledding and making forts. Check out these awesome pictures taken in the snow.