Blogging in Baltimore

Last weekend I got home from an amazing trip to the Baltimore, Maryland where I spent almost four days with my college friend Dale and his family. After a few years of dating he decided to finally tie the knot with his fiance Kim. What an amazing place! It was great to meet Kim's family and visit the area let alone be at the wedding. I spent almost 9 hours total in the plane going back and forth, over 4 hours in the car and the first night at the airport making sure I was on time for my plane which left at 6 in the morning. The fun never stops. While traveling to and fro I started to do some blogging and realized that I am way behind and have alot to catch up on so Im writing the worlds longest blog to try and get up to speed with everything going on since our move to Flagstaff four months ago. (pictured: Dale and I on location of the wedding in the Severna Park, MD area)

My New Toys
So in the past few months I've managed to get two new toys that I spend alot of time playing with. One is my new Palm Treo. I can describe it in one word. No make that two. Insanely cool! Who would have thought you could take a a video camera, a phone, email, word, excel, publisher, a photo camera, text messaging, outlook calendar, internet service and all kinds of other bells and whistles and shove it all in a small device you could hold in palm of your hand and take anywhere you go?! If you havent seen one already just go and check them out. I'll warn you ahead of time though that they are addicting.

The other awesome toy is my new Martin acoustic guitar. As it is quoted in the Bible, " can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Well the answer is ... (other than Jesus) Yes something can. Straight from the Martin Company in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. This guitar has a great tone, and tuning and all natural wood finish for a great sound. Im actually using it in the studio right now on some new songs which is my next big news to share......

Back in the studio
After literally over 3 years I'm finally back in the studio working on CD #3. As of right now Im slowly approaching being 1/3 of the way done with the project. This CD has a whole new sound with alot of new creative approaches to the vocals and instrumentation. I'm excited about how far I have gotten and continue to work on the writing as I am combining some lyrics I've written over the past couple years and half that is being written along the way. Im working in a studio here in Flagstaff owned by one of the keyboardists on my worship team here at CCOF. Please pray for God to do amazing things as we continue on this project. We hope to be completed by late August, first of September.