Live From the Set of "Jolene"
It's my "supposed" day off work for the week and so I ventured downtown here to check out a new movie being filmed on the main stretch off the square downtown Prescott, AZ. (click here for news story) They have the street blocked off and are filming straight across from me at a Pub and the gift shop next door. So here I am hanging on the square with tons of other curious Prescottonians and tourists looking to see what big celeb might pop out on the set. Rumor has it Donald Sutherland is in the movie but he's nowhere to be seen. OK he's not here. I've been told as I just talked to one of the directors of the extras here out on the street. No I didnt harass him he came up to me. I guess he thought I was an extra as I was just out here chillin at the square in the exact right spot sipping my my java. " Were you asked to be in this spot for this particular scene sir?" he asked me in all seriousness (His name was David) To which I responded. " No I wasnt asked. Would you like me too?" Sidenote: This turned out not to be a good approach to apply for the part of an extra in a movie but at least I tried. I then kindly moved over (about 20 feet) with all the other " unwanted extras" he had rounded up and had moved out of the scene. In the meantime a couple of actors are now out on the street. They are filming the same scene over and over. I feel like I'm having De Javue. They run out of the store, hop in the convertible, pull out, drive down the street. rewind. they run out of the store, hop in the convertible, pull out, drive down the street. rewind. Anyway Im now curious to who this guy is. He looks very familiar. The website lists quite a lineup for a cast. Donald Sutherland, Denise Richards, Jessica Chastain (the main actor) Theresa Russell (in Spiderman 3) Dermott Mulroney and some guy from Alias. Oh yes, Michael Vartan. You can click those names to check out the site. This guy however looks very familiar. Familiar as in I've seen him in a movie before and I'm not sure which one.

Then it finally registers. Dermot Mulroney. Thats the guy from "My Best Friends Wedding" and "About Schmidt". By the time I figured it out the 15 second scene is over and, they have wrapped up the shoot and are moving equipment to another part of town. I spent over an hour watching the filming which will turn out to be about 20 seconds maybe of the movie. I have no idea what it is about or when it's out but its called "Jolene" and they are filming in several different states. Other than the worlds oldest rodeo this is probably the biggest thing to happen up here in Prescott in a long time. They are here filming for the next week so If I'm lucky maybe I'll just try magically appear in another scene.


So last Saturday night I suprised Kathy and took her to an acoustic Michael W Smith concert at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Although I have seen him dozens of times I hadnt actully been to one of his concerts in years so it was cool to check it out. It was actually a very different kind of concert setting (including a rotating stage in a theatre in the round) and a great evening of worship with Smitty getting back to his roots on the piano. I have been a fan since my early teen years and even though my preferred musical style has changed since those days I was still very impressed by the creativity in the music and songstyles that is on the new album Stand. The Cd is actually not even out yet but will be in November. For us it was quite a flashback of our Nasvhille, Tennessee days where we saw him regularly in concert, at events, at church and many other place. More than the music though I am always impressed with his involvement in "ministry" outside the box including his movie, his involvement with the support of the president, his leadership in settings like 9-11, the Columbine shootings and the worship led by him in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the Amish memorial service. This guy has definitely gone above and beyond even his main calling in life to reach people. That to me stands out even more than the music itself. (check out the new CD. The song Cover Me is awesome)