You Are The One
I just recently ran across the new CD by Lincoln Brewster and have already played it about 100 times through. There are some great songs on there like "Love the Lord Your God" and "Amazed" but my all time favorite right now is "You Are The One". We often get wrapped up in our own lives and schedules and think what's in it for me and look to serve ourselves. Once we break from that mold and focus on others and especially the awesomeness of God it helps put everything back into perspective and bring some relief to the stressful lifestyle. Thats what everyone needs. Focusing on God rather than ourselves. Its not about me and all about YOU. YOU are the one. Check out these lyrics.....

Verse:You're the One Who made the heavensYou're the One Who shaped the earthYou're the One Who formed my heart long before my birth.I believe You'll always lead me . All my days have been ordained,All Your thoughts toward me are holy,full of love and graceChorus:You are the One, You are holy,You are the One, You are worthyYou are the One, You are the One, everlasting(1st ending)Lord, You are the One,Jesus, You're the One(2nd ending)You are the One I will worship,You are the One I will serve all my daysYou are the One, You are the One, everlastingLord, You are the One,Jesus, You're the One......

quite humbling......


Mini Sammy Hagar?

No its just Ethan in a crazy wig but he did get to sing his first song on stage last week at the Kinder Kritters Patriotic program(his kindergarten class) . The music was hard to hear but he did his best and got to sing everyones favorite classic patriotic song, "God Bless the USA".

Click here to check it out . (Top video on the right side)


ITs Snowing!!!! (click here for pictures)
Well it's more than snowing. It's been snowing more than two days and we presently have about 6 inches with about 6 more on the way tonite. It wouldn't be such a big deal if we were in Michigan but the picture above is taken in our backyard this afternoon at our home here in Arizona!! Over 12 inches has falled in the Northern Arizona area this weekend. I would have never believed it but its for real. When you think of Arizona you dont think snow. Most people think its all about desert and cacti (the plural form of cactus). What alot of people dont know is that all Northern Arizona has an elevation of 5,000 feet and up to 8,000 on some mountains. Which is the reason for the precipitation. Pictured above is Corey, (squinting to see through the snowfall and missing a tooth) and Ethan out enjoying the weather. Dont believe it!?? Click Here to see all about it on the weather page and check out the video at the problem! 3-11-06


ITunes and other musical tidbits
Yes its true if you havent heard my music will soon be available on ITunes. Im pretty excited about that as its another way to get the music out. Now I just have to fill out some online info and jump through the hoops to get it up and going. Itunes over the past few months has added TV shows to their downloadable items to purchase so I have been on there alot. Being the big "Lost" fan I am I find myself often downloading episodes since I am not home in time to watch it on Wednesday nights. Another great feature is the ability to download full albums. Sure you can just run to the store and get it but for a few bucks cheaper you can get it on your computer for ususally less than store costs. If you have seen Curious George the movie( yes I admit I wathced it... twice) you probably heard the incredible Music of Jack Johnson a Hawaii native turned folk music star. If your looking for fun, awesome music check out Jack.( Great stuff and cool website). On the other hand, my kids just got hooked on the new Disney TV movie, called High School Musical. Beware. If you havent seen it you are lucky. Ok well for a musical about high school its not all that bad. Really tough even though it comes across as extremely cheesy (a straight up 10 for me on the Velveeta meeter) It has some pretty creative music that I also downloaded on Itunes. If your into musical type songs. (Im not recommending this for anyone else just thought Id share ) Now I have to listen to it in the car and everywhere else my kids can find a cd player. So by now your saying so what Kevin ITunes is old news. Yes it is but daily they come up with new features and its a great tool to find cool new music. Surf around and see what you can find. Hopefully you will soon find my music on there too. Im no Jack Johnson but theres nothing like another great opportunity to share your music with the world.