Its 20 degrees!!
I logged on to my computer this morning and my weather channel info popped up reading 20 degrees! Thats nothing though becaue Ive seen it down to 13 or so on the local bank sign early in the morning. Who knows how low it gets at night. So whats the big deal about it being 20 degrees? Well for one thing we are in Arizona. For anyone reading this who is not familiar with Arizona weather and think AZ is a vast land of sand and hot sun check out www.weather.com and type in Phoenix or Prescott in the box. You will be suprised at the difference. Luckily it warms up during the day and doesnt stay that cold for the whole 24 hour period. Coming from MI or anywhere in the Midwest you would never imagine it would get that cold. I never knoew there were mountains in AZ either but now I live on one (5,300 feet above sea level, which explains the drastic change in temperature. Arizona cold? Check it out for yourself. In the meantime Im bundling up the kids and headed for the bus stop!.