Christmas In Arizona
This year for the first time ever we will be spending Christmas in Arizona. ( Ok we may take a short trip to the west coast and enjoy the ocean for a couple days too) Prescott, AZ is Arizona's Christmas city. What exactly does that mean? Well other than the fact that there are more Christmas celebrations, parades, lights, etc than any other city Ive seen the rumor is it also snows here. Not alot but just enough to cover the ground (and hopefully enough to go sledding) Supposedly there are a couple ski hills north of here a bit that I hope to check out as well. I wouldnt have believed all this if just a month ago it didnt start getting crazy cold (for Arizona anyway) It was 3 degrees at the Grand canyon on the news the other day. From our house and around the area you can see the SanFransico Peaks located in Flagstaff and they have snow all over them. As for here right now its just another bright and sunny day. I would have never imagined snow in Arizona but then again we are 5,3000 feet above sea level here. ( In Phoenix its been around 60 or so!!) Whatever the case may be and no matter where you are Christmas is still Christmas and I pray everyone has a great Christmas and holiday season!