Wow this month has just flown by! It's hard to believe but two weeks ago now I had the privelege to have a 10 minute interview/song segment on KGCB in Prescott featuring the song "Safe & Sound". Garrick, one of the stations D. J.'s interviewed me about the history of the song and tied it in with the 9-11 tribute weekend. Thanks Garrick for the airplay and recognition! It's always great to hear your own music played on the radio and especially that one. KGCB is a christian station here in town that broadcasts up to the Flagstaff area and down to Phoenix. Check back here soon to here the audio streamline of the song/interview online.


Kevin & Worship Team Jammin at the Labor day picnic in Prescott

Just before I came out to interview at my present worship ministry I was called by a church in New Orleans about a position there. Although it seemed like a great opportunity I knew it wasnt where God wanted us. After seeing what happened down there in these past few weeks Im greatful that we didnt end up there and how God was watching out for us long term. It seems just like 9-11 that everyone knows someone who was a part of that tragedy and so it effects us all. Again we are provided with another opportunity to reach people and minister to them as their hearts are opened. Third Day has a new great song out here that you can download for free with clips of media from the news througout the song. Check it out. Pray God again will bring good things from this devestation.


Corey and I gazing at the Grand Canyon.
Click on the picture below to see a slideshow of our Grand Canyon visit