Ethan and I learning how to ride a bike Posted by Hello
Ethan and I learning how to ride a bike Posted by Hello
Jedi Corey and Count Ethan dueling for breakfast Posted by Hello
Star Wars Madness
The star wars III excitement could not be any more crazier around here and I'm not just talking about my excitement. Its contagious. Everyone's got it. Well maybe except for Kath. Not too long ago I got up to find two young jedi who live here with us out in the back yard battling it out for the power of the dark side. Its funny but hey if your a real Star Wars fan thats what it's all about. I need to go find my sword.


Whats Going on Here
First I wanted to say thank you to everyone across the country who have us on your prayer list and have emailed and called lately. I appreciate your praying as God opens ministry doors for us and as you have kep the family, my music and the youth ministry here in mind. We appreciate all of our friends from coast to coast. Many people have asked or heard a rumor about a new CD coming out. The rumor is true it is in the works but I am not in the studio yet. Still finishing the writing. Sorry. I'll keep you posted. While all these things are going on and I'm not playing softball or practicing soccer with Corey I have been reading some new books. I always have a half a dozen or more books next to my bed. Three of them are..........
The Case For the Creator- Les Stroble
The Way I Was Made- Chris Tomlin
Praise Habit-David Crowder
I am almost finished with these and highly recommend them. Check out the website resource page soon for my own personal review of them if you'd like.
Anyway back to the great weather and other exciting things.
The biggest talk in the family and all over for that matter is Star wars coming out next week. Are you excited as I am about that!!!! OH Yeah!!! Ok Im done. I already have each day planned througout opening weekend to see it with different people here. Bring on the SITH!!!