Rumors of Popehood
Well it looks like my chances to become the next pope are now gone. After being pressured by friends I had sent in my resume to the Vatican but didn't hear anything back. I figured why not since I had applied several other places. Sounds like fun! But I didn't make it. I knew I shouldn't have put my hat size on my application. Fact of the day: Did you know that anyone can be elected for Pope just as long as they don't have kids? I don't think Corey and Ethan would pass as my brothers anyway. Can you imagine? Anyway ok none of this is true. Well the fact of the day is, but the rest isn't. No Popehood for me. Just doing my thing here today waiting to see what God has up his sleeve for me tomorrow.


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April News and Update
Today I found myself playing with an enormous basketball in the backyard with the kids. We all saw a very hilarious donkey basketball game at the high school lat week and ever since then the boys want to play ball. At least they didnt make me be the donkey. It's a beautiful day and Spring break is in action. The parents are in Miami, the youth group I have been working with is on a mission trip to Haiti and we are here enjoying the great Michigan weather. Yeah right. At least spring is here.

Ministry & Home life
Yes I am still looking for a worship ministry. I have had 3 interviews on the phone this past week and two more next week. A few churches I have been talking to for a few months have finally gotten on the ball and and moved on. Looking for the perfect church and ministry to work at is a headache. We have talked to several churches. Turned a handful down and press on to what God is keeping us waiting for. We know God will make it totally clear when the right place comes along. Both of us have prayed about it and caught a glimpse of whats in store. We are very hopeful and think May may be the lucky month. God has some cool things, some big plans planned.
In the meantime we continue to enjoy our opportunities here working with all the youth. We have been blessed to help out here and enjoy almost 5 months now in our own house on Detroit st. (the biggest amount of space we have ever had and most likely ever will. See the October 2004 blog in the archives on the right for a pic) We have had the chance to really search for the perfect place to serve as worship minister while getting a lot of family time here and enjoying a little more relaxed lifestyle here which we are very greatful for and very well deserve.

Music and Creativity
I have written 6 new songs as well (including some worship) for a CD I hope to begin working on this summer. I also have tried my best at writing a book (in all my spare time) and am over half way done. This book does have to do with a worship lifestyle but more info is to come. I was encouraged by a few friends to write it while I have the time, including Greg Campbell of Basic Music Ministries. On top of that I've been also helping lead the worship almost every other week and going over to Granger Community Church (in South Bend, IN near Notre Dame )to enjoy their awesome worship program there.

The fam
The kids are doing great and are involved in many activities (school, soccer, piano, piano lesons and friends.) They are praying hard every day that God will get us ready for our next destination. Kathy is busy with them and doing some childcare. She is believe it or not one of the soccer coaches of Corey's team and does a great job. She also has some creative outlets of her own including a website journal with pics of the kids at earnstboys.blogspot.com

Word on the street
No we arent planning on staying in Buchanan. No opportunities have arisen here or even in the state of Michigan. We have enjoyed our time here but know that God has other things in store. My passion is only music and worship and that's what I pursue daily. After talking with the churches I have been interviewing with I know for certain one of them is going to be our next place to serve and that I am called to do worship. Altough we have talked to places around Michigan we have not found anything available and have looked elsewhere. The good thing is though everywhere we are are interviewing at are great vacation spots so we know we will get many visitors. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know how you are. We'd love to hear from you. As for us here all is well and we continue everyday to realize we have a great God.