Ethan, Corey and a bunny Posted by Hello
Easter Eve
Today we got to participate in the Great Buchanan Easter Egg Hunt. It was like a huge herd of wild horses as over a hundred kids plowed across the field combing every square inch to collect their colorful surprises. Here is a picture of Corey and Ethan with the Easter bunny. It's been a great week as I said spring earlier Spring has finally arrived. I also have had two interviews this weeks with some great worship ministries and another one on Monday night. So we are pretty excited about that. I ask you continue to pray as we search for where God can use us best. More info to come soon!!!
Spring is Here! For over four months now we have had snow and finally this morning its gone! The weather this week has been starting to look like spring and its finally bearable to be outside for extended amounts of time. I had a great time a few weeks ago taking the Sr High to the Statewide Teen Convention and spending time growing together as a group and learning about Simplifying your life. Much of the time we spent in worship with the One-5 OH band. Great stuff. God continues to bless our ministry search and the family as well as my time writing new songs and doing worship here in Buchanan.


This past weekend I had a great opportunity to work with the youth here at the Buchanan church and lead worship for the Sunday morning service using our teen worship band. We did an acoustic setup with 3 great singers, some percussion and acoustic guitars. It was great to see them involved and using their talents. I'm praying hard about some awesome worship and music opportunities I have coming up right now. God is opening up some doors and we are hoping they will work out. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to pray for our next great adventure. We believe its just around the corner.