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Frosty the Snowball
We got over 7 inches here of snow on the west side of the state. Ethan went out the other day and managed to make his own "snow man". We are not sure how he rolled this by himself but he was pretty proud of it.
Ethan the Entertainer
Last Sunday was the Christmas program for the kids. Ethan during the last song got into a pushing match with the older kid standing next to him. They were singing and the whole time pushing each other harder as they both stood dead center in the front row. The congregation was cracking up. Finally came the last dramatic note and they still were having fun at their new game. While both of them still were laughing Ethan got the final shove and the older kid went tumbling to the floor. Then there was a moment of silence as the song ended and all you could hear was Ethan and his goofy laugh as the congregatation began to applause at the end of the song. The perfect Christmas Hallmark moment and a sure sign that he is definitely my kid.


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Concert in Dearborn
Thank you everyone who came out for the concert. It was a great night to visit and share in music. We had a whirlwhind trip over that direction with stops in Jackson, Livonia, Dearborn, Canton and then up to Grand Rapids and it was great to see so many old friends and family along the way. Christmas is here and we are getting ready for the holidays as I know all of you are too. We got another 4 inches or so of snow here and have been out enjoying that. HOpe you all have a great Holiday season and stay tuned for more news coming your way in the new year!


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Christmas is 3 weeks away
Another great weekend bringing in the Christmas holiday. Friday night we attended a Christmas parade downtown which included Santa an Mrs Clause, caroling, and very miserably cold weather. I got the chance to meet up there with several old friends and my vocal and choir teacher from high school Carol McKean pictured above. Sunday night we spent at a Christmas choir concert with groups from all area churches in which Kathy sang at. And to top it off we got the tree up and several dozen feet of lights on the house.
Worship Nite
Tonite I had the privelege to lead the worship at the Masters Men retreat for the Michiana area. It was a great evening of praise and spiritual growth. Thanks again for the opportunity to share in song!


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Thanksgiving and things to be thankful for.
We had a great Thanksgiving here. Kathys family came to our house and we had a dinner for all 15 of us around the table. This picture is one of all the kids and grandma. We also had about 5 inches of snow and the kids went sledding and attempted making a snowman. As always it was great to hang with family for the holiday.
Teen Worship Celebration & The New "Daytime Gig"
This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to share in worship in teen celebration at the Church. Thanks guys for inviting me and for the worshipful evening! I have a full month here in December with about a concert a week and am keeping busy with many other "gigs" if you will including substitute teaching. Yes thats right Substitute teaching. Picture this. Kevin, math class and 25 jr highers. Ok the entertainment is over. I also have had a couple interviews on the phone for worship positions and we are excited about that.