Kevin sneaks into the oval office for a picture. Posted by Hello
Corey's first piano recital accompanied by Grandma Earnst Posted by Hello
Ethan tries out for the MFL (mini football league) Posted by Hello


There it went
This month has just flown by. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In the past couple weeks we have had the opportunity to hook up for lunch here with an old friend Jean Miller from Trenton who was in the area. We also got to visit with Alisa Walterich who was up at college while we were in the Grand Rapids area visiting the inlaws. Corey had his first piano recital, Ethan learned how to play football and I snuck into the oval office for a picture. (ok, not really but it looks alot like it!, just a replica at a museum in GR) God continues to bless us here and we still are in prayer for the answers to the questions of what is next for us. There are concerts being scheduled for the month of December soon so visit the website here shortly to see more about that


Ethan: King of the mountain Posted by Hello
Weekend Adventures
We all here spent the weekend with some friends from the east side of the state. It was great to have them here and hang out again. Spent Saturday with Mark Dufour who came over earlier. We had some intense ping pong championships and took a trip out to Lake Michigan to go see the dunes and do some hiking. Great fall day at the lake. Not a good day for a bathing suit. Quite a site to see Corey sledding down a dune on a saucer sled. Next time I'll bring the sun tan lotion or maybe an extra coat.
Worship In Jackson, Michigan Posted by Hello


A nite of Worship in Jackson, Michigan
It was great to get back over to Jackson and worship with some old friends there. Thanks Todd and the youth of First Church of Christ for the great evening! I can tell you guys love to really Jam for Jesus! Thanks Bobby & Jimmy T for using your talents again to help me lead in music. We are looking forward to doing more concerts and worship events that are being scheduled for the upcoming months. We are also very excited about our opportunity in Cincinnati that was cancelled but moved to the first of December. Great to see you all and keep worshipping God with your life!