Batman and Spiderman Team Up Posted by Hello

Its Halloween weekend and the kids were out on the town in their Superhero outfits. Just a quick picture of them here at a Halloween party.


The Studio Posted by Hello
One Week Later
It's amazing how time flies. I was just reading on this blog from things I put in here almost two years ago. Speaking of time flying its already been a week that we have been here and we are just beginning to figure everything out and get situated. I set up a small studio in the basement pictured above and have been using alot of my time working on some new songs and working with some people in the music biz in Nashville and out west on doing some song writing. Its been nice to have that time again to focus on something I have a passion for. I have been reading through Phillipians as I was led to read it through a sermon a few weeks ago. I found a key verse that has been on our minds alot lately here... It says " Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 Santus Real has a song I love called After Today that goes right along with this. One line of it says... God has got a plan, understanding isn't my place. God has a plan and all we can do is pray and wait. Thank you everyone for calling and emailing. Its been great to talk to so many people still on a daily basis. Thanks for calling and for praying. You guys Rock! Kathy says Hi to everyone!!!


Our new temporary home in Buchanan Posted by Hello
Ready or not, here we come!
Well the big question right now seems to be where has the Earnst family moved to? Well the answer is.... drum role please.... the family and I have packed up our belongings and moved to the west side of the state. We are in Buchanan, MI my home town, and are staying in a four bedroom home just a block away from my old high school. We were graciously given the home to stay at temporarily as we are awaiting our next ministry opportunity. We thank the church family at Buchanan for their support and those from east Michigan who have been supporting us all this whole time. Even though Septepmber and October have been strange months God keeps suprisint us with amazing things.
How is the family?
They are doing great. Corey is presently being home schooled. Ethan is in a local Preschool and Kathy has gotten involved in the local church as well as hooked up with some old friends.
As for me I have continued my worship ministry search and have been organizing my personal mess. At our present location I have been able to set up a small music studio and am working on new music which Im excited about. We are also adding a cat to the family soon, scarey but true. We had lost Scooter the hamster who bailed on us somewhere after the move but showed back up in the basement 4 days later. (That thing scared the heck out of me!) Now all is well.
So Whats next?
I have applied at ministry positions locally and at different locations around the country and have heard back from several. We hope to know soon. Whatever the case I will still be doing my independent music ministry and have been scheduled to do concerts and worship events during the next couple months. I am also presently working on some other projects that i have had on hold for a long time. We thank the many friends across the country who have prayed for us in the past month and have given us leads on ministry opportunities. Its very clear God has something Bigger and Better in store for us in the weeks to come!!!